Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An Apple a Day

Keeps the doctor away.
Or as doctors are now singing Stay away if you can't pay.
Dr. Brian Day's election to the head of the Canadian Medical Association is a pretty clear message from doctors that profits come before all else.
You would think that part of the requirements for medicine would be a good grasp of math. Why then are doctors like Dr. Day so keen on privatization as a way to help with waiting times? Surely if there are not enough doctors now to care for everyone taking doctors out of the system will result in higher wait times.
Of course this isn't about wait times, nor is it about care. It is about money those who want to charge whatever the market will bear, and those who have money and a grand sense of entitlement to have their needs placed before those of others.
The Ontario Health Coalition has fought hard to keep health care public and accessible Natalie Mehra said;
“The choice of the delegates is an unfortunate one for the majority of patients in Canada,” said Natalie Mehra, director of the Ontario Health Coalition. “Brian Day has spent years advocating for the dismantling of the public health system through privatization and the de-listing of health services. These are not innovative ideas. They are old ones relentlessly pushed by the small but well-heeled group who have personal business interests in promoting privatization. We are deeply disappointed.”

It is a sad reflection on the type of society we have that medical care is seen as something that can be withheld based on one's ability to pay.


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