Tuesday, August 01, 2006


There can be no peace in the region until the militant group and Israel agree to uphold a lasting ceasefire with clear conditions, he told a packed special meeting of the Commons foreign affairs committee. "This has to be a lasting peace," he said. "It cannot be simply a temporary solution to allow for the rearmament of the terrorist body and simply begin the violence again."

Condi Rice? George Bush? Try Tory Peter MacKay.
In the lastest in the game of who can suck up more to Bush administration, the tories have shown once again there is no level to which they will not sink.
Witnesses had been invited to speak, though natuarally those chosen were the one's who showed support for the Harper administration;
"I came by myself. We didn't get invited," el-Akhras said of his attempt to speak at the committee before being led away from the table.

"He defended the act of Israel," el-Akhras said of MacKay's comments. "We want justice."

Others said witnesses chosen to speak to MPs about the evacuation were hand-picked by the Conservatives who head the committee.

Mazen Chouaib, executive director of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, called the process "a charade."

He and other national Arab representatives were excluded in favour of witnesses more likely to be favourable to the Conservatives, he suggested.

"To me this is dirty politics. It's something that troubles me a great deal in a Canadian democracy that we have . . . such tricks being played just to show that the prime minister has support."

One wonders how MacKay, Harper et all can see the news reports, watch the broken bodies, too many of them children, being carried out from the rubble and still sit there smug in their self-righteousness.
How nice that our country once known for mediation, peace keeping and neutrality can now be seen as part of the coaltion of the willing. Willing to do whatever the Bush admistration says, willing to put profit before lives, willing to pass off dictatorship as democracy.
The conservatives have made it clear that they have their own agenda and that the wishes of the Canadian public have no place in that agenda.Let us hope that when the next election rolls around Canadians give these Bush jrs a swift and decisive kick out of parliment.


Blogger none said...

What is wrong with condemning Hezbollah as a terrorist organization? You've gone off the bean there. You've faithfully mentioned George Bush when he wasn't even mentioned in the article except by leftwing nut McDonough. If condemning a terrorist organization is considered wrong by you, you obviously don't know the difference between right and wrong.

11:51 a.m.  
Blogger April Reign said...

none you have the most interesting point of view. And you seem to be everywhere I am. Too bad you aren't confident enough in your point of view to identify yourself.

3:08 p.m.  
Blogger none said...

Oh sorry, I didn't know that was policy around here. Should I call you Miss Reign or Miss April, or Miss Earth?

Noticed you didn't answer the questions.

My point is, if the US had Clinton as its President, would you think that McDonough would compare McKay's statement to Clinton's party? No, of course not. Would McKay make the same statement under the same conditions but the US has Clinton as its President? The answer is yes, of course. So, what does this have to do with the US?

3:26 p.m.  
Blogger April Reign said...

How very droll. Since you also post on my site blogs you are quite well aware that April Reign is merely a blog name I use.

If you can't put two and two together politically that isn't my problem. And since you are such a good christian man wouldn't your time be better spent doing some of the lord's work?

6:12 p.m.  

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