Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Fathers Day naturally brings memories of my father. Though he died shortly before my 8th birthday he had and still has a strong influence on my life.
Neither my mother nor my father ever treated me as a child per se. I was treated as a person who had not yet learned certain things, and my quest for knowledge was always indulged.
My father would often buy me books. I can remember how exciting it was to come downstairs to breakfast and find a book waiting there for me. To this day I have a love of books and of reading. For me one of life’s small pleasures is the smell and feel of a brand new book.
Having fought in the Second World War both my parents while having a strong sense of duty, also taught me to question those in authority.
My father felt that the only way to avoid the atrocities of the war was to keep our leaders accountable to the people at all time and in all things. In some ways I am glad he is not here to see the way the current leaders are behaving. I know that he would feel his efforts in the war had been squandered.
My father also taught me the value of truth. He would say that adherence to honesty forces you to think about your thoughts and actions. Many of those currently in power could use this valuable lesson.
Though he came from a time and place where he may well have been excused for not being so he was a great feminist. He thought sports as important for girls as for boys, he thought education a must for girls he felt it gave them a chance to see a future outside of marriage and childbearing. Not of course that he had anything against marriage or children, however he thought it wrong for young girls to see that as their only option.
I miss my father most especially on this day, the lessons he hadn’t yet taught, the stories he hadn’t yet told, most of all on this day I miss the love he gave me.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and especially to Mike who not only is a great dad to the four children we have together but took on a ready made family of myself and two kids and never made any difference between them.


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