Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Support Six Nations Call for a Just and Peaceful Resolution at Caledonia

Sat June 17th, 1-4pm.
Queen's Park, Toronto

Ceremony of well-being.

Bring a noisemaker.
Bring a donation of dry/canned food for the reclamation camp at
Bring many people with you! Families, kids, friends, everyone.

Back the call for Canada to engage in nation-to-nation negotiations in
good faith.
Support the Six Nations non-violent stand in Caledonia against over 200
years of duplicity.

And that Saturday evening, the rally organizers invite you to their
Humanist Movement seasonal party (potluck)
Annex Art Centre, 1073 Bathurst St.

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Blogger none said...

If they wanted a peaceful resolution to this, they should have went to the courts and stopped development there. Its contradictory to support them for a peaceful resolution when they've been anything but peaceful. Funny though.

2:25 p.m.  
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