Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dogs, frat boys and the sad state of Parliament

Much has been said about Belinda Stronach, not a lot of it nice. Some have said that insults against her should not be taken as insults against women or as a reflection of how the conservative party views women.

I beg to differ.

Here are some quotes from tories and reformers, now the reformatories;
"Pass the tequila, Sheila, lay down and love me again."
– John Crosbie
"Slut." William Kempling to Copps
Stronach"whored herself out for power." Tony Abbott
"She sort of defined herself as something of a dipstick, an attractive one, but still a dipstick." Runciman

There are many more but I wouldn't want to belabour the point.

Much has been said about Belinda's wealth and the how it helped her rise to power. Can someone point me in the direction of the person in parliament who isn't at least somewhat wealthy and/or well connected?

Let's not forget she supports abortion rights, gun control, same-sex marriage and (real) women has been quoted as saying "If Ms. Stronach is elected as leader of the Conservative Party, social conservatives will no longer have a voice in Canada."

Further evidence of tory support for women;

Slashing funding to the SWC, even taking out the word equality.

The PM taking over during the environment announcement. When asked about policy Ambrose couldn't even form her own opinion but kept referring to Harper's words.

Support for Mackay's insulting and unparliamentary behaviour.

This is a party for bigots, misogynists, flat earthers and Bush wannabes.

They do not deserve either the votes of nor the respect of the citizens of this country. Most particulary Canadian women.

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Anonymous Berlynn said...

I was going to post about this today, having read Christie Blatchford's bumbling defence of MacKay. I think I still will and I'll link to your piece, here.

2:59 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

3:32 p.m.  

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