Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blogging.....Tool of the Devil

Ask yourself, “Do I have a tendency to want to have a voice?”

This has grown so out of control it is routine for a person to start a daily blog entry with a single word that details his or her mood. A blog entry will start: “Current mood: ____” The level of shallowness and emotional immaturity this represents is astonishing! In the grand scheme of things, why would the world at large care?

People naturally want to make a mark in this world; they want to make a difference, and many believe blogs will allow them to do this. However, most blogs, especially by teenagers, serve as nothing more than public diaries. (Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with a personal diary, as long as it is kept private.) Although certain professional weblogs can make a positive difference within some elements of society, teen blogging does not.

Stop and consider. The biggest mark you will ever make is to build God’s character and be born into the God Family. Blogging will not help you achieve this.


Yes ask yourself "Do I want to have a voice?"

No NO!! Of course you don't. You want others to speak for you, tell you what to think and lead you to the path of glory.

Wow, I can see how not having a voice and doing what someone else tells them saves kids from predators.
Blogs can easily link to each other. This social network allows people to become “friends” fairly easily with another blogger. As soon as this happens, the person is viewed as a friend by anyone who visits the blog. Whether or not the person is a friend, the appearance of evil is glaring in such situations. Young people in the world are far different then those in the Church. The things they will say and do—even on someone else’s blog—will make one blush.

This “friends” problem goes further than just appearances. Just as in person, such people will pull you toward the world and its temptations. This is just another reason blogs are unnecessary for God’s youth.

Yes that's right don't make friends kids it might be with the wrong sort of person. Ya know like someone who actually likes you for who you are, partying, worrying, questions about life and all.


Blogger Forain said...

A preditor is a person that leads others in the pursuit of an agenda, regardless of their best interests. Isolating youth in buildings with the ignorant doesn't sound to me like it serves their best interests. Nice post.

2:03 p.m.  

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