Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Court Challenges Program

Tories and their supporters must be so proud
Reg Warkentin is challenging the military pension act's "gold diggers clause," but his legal battle is in jeopardy after the federal government cut a program that funds human rights court challenges.

Reg Warkentin married Hilde when he was 62. Because he was older than 60, she will not get his military pension when he dies.

"Virtually we've been cut off at the knees," he said. "Unless somebody comes up with more money, this thing will never get to the Supreme Court."

The clause in Section 31 of the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act says a woman who marries a veteran who is 60 or older cannot receive her husband's military pension if he dies.

Good thing that was nipped in the bud!

Other scary people helped by the CCP include such dastardly sorts as Rural Dignity of Canada
The organization worked in coalition with fishery, environment, church and labour groups across the country to lobby on behalf of the protection of essential small-community infrastructures.

Thanks goodness we have the tories and their blogging minions to save us from such evil.

To support the reinstatement of the program write to Harper and your MP


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