Thursday, May 11, 2006

Three card monte, shell game and politics....

What do these three things have in common? Tricky manuvers to make you think that something is somewhere it is in fact not.

For too long the Liberal party claimed to be socially left (and many Canadians believed them) yet our healthcare system is eroding, our social safety nets have gaping holes, and our country has been dragged to the right.

Oh it was a slow process and hardly noticeable to some, like the frog in the pot many have not yet noticed that things are reaching a boil.

Our whole political system has become skewed. Ideas, ideals, strategies that should be a given for the left now become things to be discussed in hushed tones.

Let's not make waves, let's not alienate the masses.

Perhaps the masses would welcome someone who would come right out and say enough is enough!!

I"d like to think that most Canadians believe that everyone has the right to shelter, an education, a good meal, sufficient clothing.

The push to the right has been the quietest of war, but make no mistake war it has been.

Power does not need to take to the streets, power does not need to gather conspicously, power works insidously.

Power smites those achieving a foothold on the ladder of success in the same way that God stripped away the footholds of those building the tower of bable.

And just as in the biblical story power confounds the masses by pitting them against one another.

I could be wrong, however, it seems that our consumer culture has driven many of us to the point where we feel that we need to get the next biggest, greatest thing and the only thing standing in the way is TAXES.

Yes if only that welfare mother would get off her ass, if only that depressed guy would just pull up his socks and get on with it, if only the disabled would stop expecting society to help them, surely taxes would be lower I could afford more stuff, I would be happier.

Power is only too happy to promote that feeling, build upon it and enact legislation which proports to put and end to the various "drains on society".

Next time someone mentions tax cuts with glee think about the things your taxes support. Next time someone blames the poor for their own circumstance react to it the way you would if they said something racist.

The only way we will create change is to be proactive. To not be afraid to speak out, to not be afraid to offer alternatives, to not be afraid of being called leftists or socialists.

Let us not become boiled frogs, let us instead jump.


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